Groove Arc!

Throw bombs to the beat, hit targets, then repeat.


  • Any key or mouse button: Hold to charge power, released to launch a bomb.
  • That's it!

Does it work on mobile?

  • Nope! Sorry! Might work on that next!

Who made that nice font?

TagsArcade, one-button, Short


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Hiya! I'll be playing Groove Arc! tomorrow on stream along with several other games from the 1-Button Jam at 3:30pm EST. I'll be talking about any interesting design decisions as I play, and suggesting improvements if any come to mind. Please feel free to join me live, it'll be extra fun to chat together about your game while playing it :)


Sounds great, I’ll try to make it! It’s always such a great experience watching someone play your games ^^

Nice game. I couldn't figure out how to make the bomb explode for a while and almost gave up then realized you have to wait first. Also I'd change it so that when you beat a level, it removes the old target before it shows you the new ones, because that threw me off every time when looking at the new level.