A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Single player co-op, shapeshifting puzzle-platformer.

Play as two characters, each alternately shapeshifting between a human form and a bubble form. Use teamwork with yourself to get them both to the exit.

Entry for Ludum Dare #35.

(Note that this version has been improved since the Ludum Dare entry. If you're looking to judge the submission, please download the version from the Ludum Dare site.)

Install instructions

Just unzip the archive and run the executable.


PopSwap-0.2.win64.zip 16 MB
PopSwap-0.2.linux.tar.gz 28 MB
PopSwap-0.2.osx.zip 27 MB


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This game crashes on 64bit Linux without starting. If it helps, it crashes just when it tries to go fullscreen.