A downloadable game for macOS

Play ordinary chess against an AI while buying and selling pieces!

On your turn, before you move a piece, you can purchase any or all of three pieces from the side of the board. However, to do so, you will need to sell some of your existing pieces to get the funds.

When your turn ends, any pieces not purchased will be discounted, and the shop will be restocked.

When a piece is taken, it is sold and its owner receives a refund for it.

The game is completely mouse controlled - aside from the Escape key to quit.

It is also a bit of a work-in-progress. It could use some polish.

(Based on the Pleco chess engine - https://github.com/sfleischman105/Pleco - which works superbly. Any issues with the game itself are completely on me.)

Install instructions

First download and extract the zip archive. Then, to run the app, CTRL + Right click and select open.

This is necessary because macOS by default does not allow downloaded apps to run unless published by a registered developer.


Purchess_0.1.1_macOS_7933a76.zip 6 MB

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