A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Twenty-four uniquely talented classmates find themselves trapped in a labyrinthine adventure park, with only some cryptic words from their anonymous captors.

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  • 24 unique playable characters, each with their own abilities and equipment!
  • Countless interesting party combinations!
  • Strategic and layered turn-based combat!
  • 'Chance' system that lets you gamble with, and plan around, critical hits!
  • Ten floors of randomly generated dungeons!
  • Eight enemy types and two scary bosses!
  • Postgame hard-mode!
  • The slightest glimpse of a narrative, so you can imagine you know what's going on!

(A disclaimer: Very much both a work-in-progress. The characters and events referenced are pulled from an unpublished RPG between me and five friends.  Don't sweat the details! Just enjoy the gameplay! Said RPG was based on an existing franchise, but the contents of this game do not infringe any copyright.)

How to play

Your goal is to traverse the dungeon by finding the blue elevator doors on each floor. Along the way, you'll encounter enemies to fight and treasure to collect.

Make sure you gain enough Exp and equipment to survive the increasingly dangerous dungeon floors.


  • WASD / Arrow keys - Move around the dungeon, or navigate menus
  • Enter / Space - Interact with doors/chests, or confirm menu options
  • Escape / Backspace - Open the menu, or cancel to a previous menu

Things to look for:

  • There's a helpful penguin on each floor that will give you advice.
  • Try the 'Party' option in the menu to switch to other characters.
  • In the 'Abilities' menu, you can change which Skills are equipped by pressing Enter on the existing skill.

Install instructions

macOS: Unzip the archive. Hold CTRL + Right click then select Open to run the app. (Apple make you do this now unless you pay them.)

Windows: Unzip the archive and tun the .exe file.


ForeverAD_win_0.1.2.zip 43 MB
ForeverAD_macos_0.1.2.zip 44 MB

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